About Phil Rasmussen

Phil Rasmussen and his wife Brenda celebrate 35 years of marriage this year. He serves at Northwest University as the Campus Pastor and V.P. of Church Relations / Spiritual Formation. He has completed a doctoral degree from AGTS in Counseling with an emphasis in character development for leadership.

Brenda serves as a professor of music at Northwest University. Her primary focus is in music theory and worship leader development. She directs a 130-voice gospel choir, which travels ministering in churches and schools. Brenda has a music degree from Northwest University and an advanced degree in Music pedagogy from the Royal Conservatory of Music at the University of Toronto.

Phil and Brenda Rasmussen

Favorite Movie

Gladiator has been at the top of my list for a long time. I love the spirit of persistence and prevailing “good over evil” that can be achieved if a person maintains a positive spirit through tough times. I am also a huge Star Wars fan. Star Wars was the first movie I saw in a theater when I was a junior in high school. I am also a big Marvel fan.

Favorite Book

Too many to mention, but Good to Great and Lead Like Jesus, are often referenced.

Books Read Recently

Pastime Activities

Phil and Brenda love water sports, specifically slalom skiing. There is nothing better than cutting through glass-like water on a ski. The adrenaline rush is outstanding.

Phil enjoys golf, especially when it is with good friends. He plays “happy” golf. Phil enjoys cooking. His family request favorites such as; Apple pie, pizza, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, monkey bread, and coffee cake. Most recently, his daughter asked for Huckleberry pie. YUM!

Family Background

Phil is a first-generation American. Phil's family migrated from Canada, and Grandparents immigrated from Denmark. His Grandfather and two great Aunts, along with his Great Grandmother, originally had "C" class tickets on the Titanic to come to America. Thankfully they missed the boat but caught another ship a month later. His Grandfather, who was already in America, believed they were lost as sea and never reconnected with his family. His Great Grandmother ended up in Canada working in a halfway house as a cook, raising her growing family. His Grandfather accepted a call to ministry, which also influenced his father and mother to pursue a ministry calling. His parents traveled as evangelists for many years, primarily reaching young people through children's crusades using marionette puppets and illustrated messages.

After several years of traveling in a 26-foot travel trailer, limited resources, and a car accident that totaled the trailer on the freeway, his parents settled down in Oregon. They pastored in two different locations, with twenty-three years in the coastal town of Reedsport.

While in Reedsport, Phil accepted Christ at seven years old and experienced the Holy Spirit's Power. While in high school, he had the distinct privilege of witnessing too many students and seeing them choose to follow Christ. God used this experience to codify the calling on his life to lead people with passion, character, and integrity. Following high school, he attended Northwest University to be better prepared for the future God had for him. He met his wife Brenda while at Northwest, which in itself is a fantastic story. Brenda is more than his better half! She is often the consistent whisper of the Holy Spirit. Some people wonder what's God's voice sounds like. Phil knows!

Phil with family

Brenda and Phil have two married children and two grandchildren. Their son Kramer is married to Kylie, and they lead Youth Culture at Churchome in Kirkland, Wa. Their daughter Kaitlyn is married to Jared McKinney, and they serve as Pastors at Canvas Church in Billings, Mt.

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